I remember the day I became a Dad, I even wrote a post about when I thought I became a Dad. One thing I do recall though, is I had a tonne of questions and spent most of the time Googling the answers purely because I wanted to do right for my daughter.

Here are my 10 top questions I found myself asking as a Dad to my newborn daughter.

  1. Is it OK for my baby to cry for a long period of time? 

    The babies cry is horrible, we are programmed to dislike it and we are naturally wanting to calm the baby. The cry is usually a sign of your baby wanting something and it is our job as a parent to provide. Sometimes though, it is not practical to pick up your baby, maybe you are having a shower, cooking a meal and got your hands full or even driving. There is no evidence to say that letting your baby cry is useful later on but in the same breath, as long as your baby is safe, it is OK to let them cry. The question is, how long can you take the crying? Personally, I liked to attend to my daughter sooner rather than later, like most, but it is not needed from the baby’s point of view as long as they are safe to attend to them straight away.

  2. My baby’s poo is GREEN! Eww! 

    Disgusting isn’t it! I recall once playing a trick on a friend with some peanut butter in a clean nappy and let’s say, they got the rough end of the deal with that one! But is it OK for it to be green?! Yes is the simple answer, baby does not eat solids in the early months and this will make their nappies a nice shade of green or even a mustard yellow… oh and the smell! This is nothing compared to the stage you start feeding them solids. Shall we move on from this subject?

  3. Is it safe to travel with my newborn baby? 

    There is some evidence to suggest that being in large crowds with a baby under 3 months can prove a small risk and should be avoided, this is due to the risk of picking up infections but you can not be home bound for 3 months! It is safe to travel with your newborn however. The car is a great way to recreate the motion of being in the womb and can be temperature controlled. I have taken my newborn on journeys of more than an hour to see family and friends (keeping a close eye on my daughter naturally). What I have found though is having a good, safe car seat is a must. A car seat like the Joie Stages is what I went for based on the fact it is easy to fit, safe and seemed very comfy for my daughter. Other friends go for prams where you can strap the seats straight into a car… personally, I am not a fan of these and found them a bit more cumbersome. Maybe I should do a review of these at some point?

  4. How many layers should I put on my newborn baby? 

    This is a biggy! I did not want my daughter to be too hot or too cold. Newborn babies cannot regulate their temperature like adults can so as a parent, you have to do this for them. As a general rule of thumb though, you should put one more layer on than what you are wearing. When sleeping at home, it is not advised to let your baby wear a hat when sleeping at night either unless your Dr or Midwife recommends it. Do ask.

  5. Will I break my baby? She seems so delicate! 

    Your baby will be tough and flexible. I recall when changing her or getting her ready for a bath, I was so delicate for fear of hurting her. Soon, however, I learned that I did not need to be so careful. Do not get me wrong, being a Dad, I did not suddenly turn into the hulk but baby’s are built to survive (I make a baby sound like a car here). They are remarkably resilient and they will let you know if they do not like something. It used to take me ages to change my daughter’s clothes for fear of bending or breaking her arm for example. I soon learned that this was worse so learning how to work with my daughter, I became a little more, let’s say, authoritative and now can change her faster than you can say “grab me a beer”.

So there it is, I somehow managed to narrow down the number of questions I had down to 5. There are so many more I had and I am sure, you have many more so why not ask your questions below and I will try to answer them the best I can in some future blogs.


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