About us

Who are we?

“Dad’s To Be” is a site set up for both Mum’s and Dad’s by a group of Dad’s. We tackle tough topics like what happens when you break up along with the the happier times like what to expect from child birth. The difference with this site is that the posts are written by Dad’s from the perspective of Dad’s.

Our aim is simple, to enable our children to have the best Dad’s possible by offering tips and advice by offering a fair and balanced view points on a range of topics.

Why was “Dad’s To Be” set up?

Not being able to see your children is tough. This could be for any range of reasons that include an ex-partner blocking access, distance or medical.

I set up “Dads To Be” after my little man was denied access to spend time with me by his Mum. Set up in early 2017 whilst I was fighting to be in my son’s life for the second time, the site gave me a way to share my experiences. During the legal battles and abuse received, I realised that my son was not alone. More so, I realised in looking for help, there is very little out there, often only finding help long after I needed it, and if I did find any, it was for the mum’s. Looking into it, I realised this was the case not just for Dad’s in my situation but Dad’s in general so I set up Dad’s To Be to be able to pass help and advice for parents from a Dad’s point of view and specific advice for Dad’s specifically where needed.

Who is Daddy Admin?

In an effort to protect the identity of the Dad’s, children and partners on the site, we have “Daddy Admin” who posts to the site. Daddy Admin makes sure that there are no “give-aways” to the identity of the children or parents. These posts are sometimes a group effort or written by the Dad’s on the site.

Can I be a Daddy blogger?

Yes, we would love to have guest posts written about the experiences of Dad’s, either good or bad. You would have the choice of being linked or posting as “Daddy Admin” to protect your identity. Please contact us.