Sadly, we have had loads of comments come to the site saying that, as Dad’s, having gone through the situations of fighting for our children’s rights to see their Dad, that we are a bunch of woman haters. We have been creating a place to air both awful situations and good from the viewpoint of many Dad’s.

For the record, no, we are not woman haters. We have created blog posts that are directly from the dad’s to whom have kindly shared stories with us and to give a safe place on the internet for them to share experiences and share feelings with the world without having the fear of their identity being shared. Without the fear of backlash when involved with sensitive situations like court battles.

At no point are posts shared where they are one sided with either parent. The only thing that is set as a rule, is a post has to be from a Dad expectant father’s eyes. This father can be either expecting a baby, fighting for access or indeed, enjoying being a Dad within a stable relationship with Mum, indeed, any situation good or bad. Dotted between, we want to give you ideas of what you can do with your children. Activities to get involved with and such forth.

There is an underlying message however that we want to get over to the world, to all those parents out there thinking about themselves and not their child… think about the needs of the child and put them ahead of anything you do. We want to see a stop to stories about one parent stopping access for the child to see the other. If a child wants to see the other parent, as long as they are not in danger, please, let them. And for those not wanting anything to do with your kids, grow up, pick up the responsibility and be a parent and stop thinking about yourself!

Have your say below in the comments or if you have a story to share, please, contact us.


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