While we are all familiar with the benefits of breastfeeding, it simply doesn’t always work out as planned. As a new father, providing the best for your baby is important to you. What could be more important than making a wise choice for your new baby’s formula? After all, this will serve as your little one’s only source of nutrition for the first several months of his or her life and is especially important if there is no mum. Formula feeding can have many benefits also, and some of them apply especially well to the father of the new bundle of joy.

Breast is best but what are the benefits of Formula Feeding

While breastfeeding will likely always be considered the best method for feeding a newborn, life isn’t always that simple and it sometimes just doesn’t work out that way. In cases where a family must formula feed their baby, it can be helpful to look at the positives of the situation.

Mothers tend to get plenty of bonding time with their new baby, but this isn’t always the case with new fathers especially those who are denied access and are no longer with the mum. Even the honest company highlights this issue – Formula feeding will allow you as the father to have more bonding time with your baby. Each feeding session will bring the two of you closer while allowing mum to get some much-needed rest as well. Infant formula is also convenient and can be taken just about anywhere, making it perfect for fathers on the go. More support can be found here.

What Makes a Good Quality Formula?

There are so many different types of formula on the market. It can be overwhelming for new fathers to be faced with such a serious decision in their little one’s life. First of all, take heart in the fact that infant formula is heavily regulated and monitored for safety and quality assurance. No matter what brand is in question, all baby formulas have the same end goal. Their purpose is to provide a source of food that is as close to mother’s milk in composition as possible, thus serving as a nutritious source of calories and nutrients for your growing baby. While there are many minor differences between types of formula, they all have this goal in mind. That said, what criteria should you look for in a formula? Here are some basic things to keep in mind when searching for the right baby formula for your infant’s needs.

  • Protein Source The protein source found in infant formula is the main variable to be aware of. The protein found in infant formula normally comes from cow’s milk, soy, or a protein hydrolysate. Protein hydrolysates are simply proteins that have already been broken down partially to allow for easier digestion. These can be useful for premature babies or those with colic and other digestive issues.
  • Powdered or Liquid Many new fathers decide to purchase formula in a powdered form, but it also comes in containers of premixed liquids. Powdered forms are the most common choice for many because of their convenience factor. Simply toss the container of formula into the nappy bag. No refrigeration is needed for these products and you can mix them up anywhere on the go.
  • Additional Fats Another variable that is present with some types of infant formula is the addition of omega-3 fatty acids. These omega-3 fatty acids are often listed as being good for your baby’s developing brain. While they don’t hurt, all types of infant formula is already regulated to be as close to human breast milk as possible. Therefore, it all supports healthy brain development in infants.

As a father, you are concerned about the nutrition your baby is getting. As such, you may be wondering what the top three choices are regarding infant formula. This varies in whichever country you live and would advise to look up or ask your medical professional on what they would choose.

Stepping into the new role of fatherhood is emotional and overwhelming. You now have this tiny bundle of joy to nourish and protect, you want to do best for them and give them the best start. When all is said and done, formula feeding can be a step that brings you and your baby closer. Following these guidelines, you can find an infant formula that suits your infant’s needs. For more info check out this guide by Reviews.com who kindly provided this article for “Dads To Be”.


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