So this has to be the staple of any young boys playroom, I do not know of anyone without one, the Car Play Mat! I am only jealous I did not have one when I was a young lad.

So my young lad loves his, even at the age of 1, he will be seen to enter into a world of imagination and play with his cars and trains even if he is not quite understanding the rules of the road yet! Not even to mention what an airport is actually for, I think my young man has been watching to much Clarkson, Hammond and May and has the wrong idea as to what a runway is for!

I had a look around and decided to plump for this Car Play Mat which arrived in a few days of ordering.

I have found my little lad really enjoys it with participation as we both zoom along the roads and is usually one of the first things we get up to when he comes round. This is not the biggest mat I found but I thought it was good value for money so worth a recommendation from me and my son. It gets a thumbs up from us both!


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