I love Lego and as sad as it seems, I am looking forward to having the excuse to buy more and play with it with the excuse it is “for my son”. It sort of makes it OK to regress back to your childhood right?

For now though, my 2 year old is just a tad to young for it and the pieces are a bit to small so I decided to give Duplo a try!

Every child loves to try and destroy things you build, with Duplo, I have found, this is no different. I have spent hours building trains, towers and different animals with my son. I’ve friends who have done the same with daughters too. Duplo is a toy that knows no gender with a range for both.

I have used the bricks not only to just build things for my son to destroy, I use it to teach him colours and numbers too. We can count bricks (I have even have the Duplo train that has numbers upto 10 printed upon them) and we group bricks into the colours.

So is it worth buying some? If so, what is it worth buying? I’d suggest getting some mixed brick sets to begin with, to get yourself a range of different building bricks. I have found it a great way to teach colours, numbers and dexterity.

So why not go and buy a set and treat yourself, err, I mean your son or daughter?


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