There are so many magical moments being a Dad and yesterday, I had one of the biggest magical moments of my son’s and I’s life so far in a surrounding I wish was different.

If you are following my blog, you will know that this Daddy is currently fighting through court for my son’s right to see and have an emotional bond with me, his Dad and that I have had to see my son in a contact centre which, is where this magic moment took place.

We have had about 3 visits to the contact centre since we were denied access to each other unexpectedly by his mum. The first time I went to the contact centre was a nervous one as it was the first time seeing my boy in about 4 months. I wrote a post about what to expect from a contact centre and our experience of it. To sum up, it is something that should never be needed but in the situations like my own, it is something I recommend to do so you can see each other, even if it is only for 2 hours every 2 weeks.

Yesterday started out on rocky ground, my little man was very tired and was woken up being brought into me, anyone is grumpy being woken up and my son is no exception… for about 5 to 10 minutes, he was snuggled in my arms just wanting to wake up… once he had though, my word, he was his usual happy, amazing self, full of smiles, cuddles and LOADS of kisses for each other. We had a great time, running around playing chase, making things from PlayDough, playing catch (best he can), reading books and playing with his Duplo I took in and cars. Just another amazing couple of hours spent with each other that went far to quickly. What made yesterday stick in my head though was we had our first conversation with each other where we clearly understood each other.

I never thought it would be a moment when you realised you and your child would have a conversation, I thought it would be a gradual thing where I would understand the odd word and action but yesterday proved me wrong. It was not what we talked about, it was more the offering of a drink, a snack, asking what toy he wanted to play with or what was in the book, it was not a long debate on the state of the Formula One for example, it was more the fact that we both clearly showed to each other that we understood what we were saying and meaning, no “I wonder what he is trying to say” or “I wonder if he meant this”, it was clear communication that we both understood.

My little man has understood me for a while, I’ve been feeling guilty not knowing 100% what he has been meaning despite him trying to show me or trying to say it, yesterday was a magical moment that will forever live in my memory. A real turning point for us both. I look forward to the next time we can see each other to continue where we left off.

What magical moments stick in your memory when it comes to your children?


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