OK, let’s face it, as blokes, I think it is pretty fair to say that we will never know what it is like to carry our unborn children to term. Some of us will have a better idea than others. But what resources are there out there for Mum’s and Dad’s to be?

So I thought I may start this helpful tips post so that you Dad’s to be, can impress your partners with some helpful advice!

  • Kicks Count – It is important to monitor your unborn’s baby’s movements and Dad’s have an important role in this to help reduce the risk of still born births. Kicks Count is a great UK charity that encourages parents to be to count your unborns baby’s kicks which is an indication of your baby’s health. They also sell some nifty gadgets like the kick counter to help with this.
  • The expectant Dad’s handbook – There are many books for mum’s out there, but this handbook is written by men, for men to help you prepare for how to be a Dad and a great birthing partner. Worth a read.
  • WebMD – From the people at WebMD, they have written a useful guide for the expectant Dad. Is a fairly long read but there is some great information available.
  • DaddiLife – DaddiLife has a simple mission – to create a place where dads can learn, grow and celebrate the life that is dad.
  • NHS – The NHS has a great page of support tips for Dad’s which will allow you to support your partner during pregnancy.
  • Your midwife – Do not underestimate the importance of your midwife, they will be there to answer any questions you can think off including possible classes you can attend.

*Notice a broken link? Give us a nudge so that we can update it.

What other resources have you found? What are your experiences during the pregnancy? Come on, both Mum’s and Dad’s, comment below, other want to hear from you.


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