Right, so this might sound totally bonkers and beyond crazy but it’s right, I have a new sofa for my little man and he is not even 2 yet!

Ok, the logic is there so let me explain before you think I have lost the plot and I live in a mental hospital with “help” from professionals.

Reading, playing and cuddles are so important for a young child without the distractions of a TV, computer or other technology which is why I have create a small lounge area for him within his bedroom.

Now we can read books together and have quiet time within his bedroom, a bedroom he has always called his playroom till now. So with the hope that he will start sleeping in his own room soon, I am starting to introduce other activities that will associate him with the thought of sleeping in his own bedroom.

The next reason is it is a safe place to play, instead of having to sit constantly on the floor, both myself and my son can sit in comfort, maybe for a jigsaw, maybe to play forts using the sofa as a tall castle wall, maybe to have  a bounce on like a giant trampoline! You know, let your imagination run wild!

I suppose in time, we will see if I am a genius or if I am indeed, mad. What mad things have you done for your son(s) or daughter(s) that have either flopped or been a stroke of genius? Comment below.



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